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Welcome to my website. The greatest reward so far is when people call years later to say thank you and acknowledging the impact I had on their life. No money can buy such gentle words. On other occasions during public speaking events, people often ask me why am I not teaching this “stuff” to their children? This request has not gone unnoticed as I continue to share the knowledge I gained over the past 25 years wherever I go. Now I am making it available on my website, giving you easier access to great things during the next few months.

Therapy constitutes various modalities such as Hypnotherapy and Biblical Counseling to focus on personal issues for an improved way of living.
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Focusing on how you perceive the world around you…
Areas of speciality to assist you with while we will look at self-limiting and self-enhancing behaviours to formulate a strategic approached to an improved way of living.
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Gaining perspective of the world around you…
Professional services that can be used for specific applications to enhaunce your business.
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An expert approach to be at the top of what you do.

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You need to know the qualified therapist in a person. Take a look at the expert team and choose the preferable one.
Peter Welgemoed
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Can any Person be hypnotised?

Can any Person be hypnotised?

Any person can be hypnotised. There is a common misconception that derived from stage hypnosis…
Can any person learn hypnosis?

Can any person learn hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a skill that can be learned by most people with a fair intellectual…
How does hypnosis help for sport?

How does hypnosis help for sport?

Mental rehearsal also called autogenic conditioning is a concept known to all professional sportsmen and…


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